Book description

This book, for the first time, posits three ethical principles by which the principle of equal worth can be used in practical manner to resolve conflicts and wars. The equal worth of each person across the globe is supreme among the three ethical principles.

I utilized the war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Israel-Palestine to demonstrate the lack of moral principles in resolving these conflicts and wars. Once this formulation is adopted in foreign policy regarding conflicts and wars, a moral foreign policy and peace will prevail.

The book is a result of my life-experience, extensive travel, and living in two different cultures. I realized that the lack of equal worth of each human being is the source of discrimination by class, religion, or ethnic identity. I have seen and experienced the restriction of freedoms and unfair and unjust treatment by governments and foreign occupiers.


What others have said

Equal Worth is an impressive attempt to establish the foundations of a moral foreign policy. Adil Shamoo carefully unpacks complex issues, from just war to terrorism. The application of his equal worth framework to the conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Israel/Palestine are detailed and insightful. Any U.S. leader who hopes to chart a path for America in our multipolar world should read this book and heed its recommendations.
John Feffer, Co-Director, Foreign Policy In Focus, Institute for Policy Studies

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