Issues of war and peace in the twenty first century will be at the center of political debate in the United States and across the globe as we come to terms with the changes wrought by the rearrangement of political and economic power. This website hopes to bring together a comprehensive discussion of war and peace by encouraging discussion of the morality of war and peace through articles and commentaries.

We will discuss the moral principles of war and how to wage it. We will also discuss when war or violence is morally justified, and the moral means to wage these so-called “just” wars. We hope the discussion on this website will contribute to peace in the world or at least in morally justifiable wars.

Domestic and broader social issues often have an impact on the desire or sense of necessity to wage a war. This site will deal with these issues as well, in the pursuit of a broader framework in which to view the decisions that impact war or peace.

The site is edited by Adil E. Shamoo.

Adil E. Shamoo is an associate fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies, senior analyst for foreign policy in focus, and the author of “Equal Worth – When Humanity Will Have Peace.” You can contact him at

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