Today's talking heads regularly parrot the line that Israel has the right to defend itself, as if the Palestinians occupy Israel and are dominating it with the best military in the world. Then, the undeniable implication, Israel's incursions and bombardments are "just" in other words, a "just war."

In this case, one man's "just war" is another's ethnic cleansing. Do the Palestinians have no natural right to defend themselves from the onslaught of Israel's military, from 50 years of occupation, death, poverty and despair? What is to happen to them when Israel's "just war" is over?

First off, Hamas is committing terrorist acts by launching rockets into Israel, and that is wrong. That said, where is Washington's moral outrage for Israel's actions (as of this writing), killing 1,346, wounding an estimated 6,780, and displacing 240,000 Palestinians? The vast majority of the dead — some 70 percent — are civilians, with 232 of them children. Certainly there was moral outrage over the downing of the Malaysian Airline flight over Ukraine, killing all passengers on board, in July. But for the Palestinian civilians, there seems to be only "hard lessons" and little remorse from Israel's best friend in the West.

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